Jerrod’s Event

Here are some pictures of an event Jerrod planned this weekend. It was for a bachelorette/wedding shower in Scottsdale. He did an outstanding job!


Oh Where or Where Did Daisy’s Puppies Go??

On Thursday after work, I went to the garage to let Daisy out of her kennel. I felt sorry for her, so I thought I would leave the kennel door open, and let her come in and out as she pleased. Well… 30 minutes later I went back out to check on them, and this is what I found…

ONLY 2 Puppies!!

So I went to our back yard looking for the rest of the puppies, and this is where I found them…

Daisy dug this HUGE hole under my house, and decided this was a safer place for them.

Don’t worry, they are back in there crate safe and sound( Just dirty now!)

Doesn’t he look like a polar bear??

New House Decor

My Grandma Kathy purchased a whole line of Avon red china when I was little. It has been sitting in boxes for 24 years. Last month it finally got a home. I got this china cabinet off of craigs list and my china fits great in it!

Tammy purchased this shower curtain for my guest bathroom. I LOVE it!!

Here is a decor piece that goes with my new curtain. I’m not sure where I am going to put it at, for now it will live on my towel rack.

Tammy got my curtain at a store in Parker. She says this store is awesome, so if you live in Parker, check it out!

I heart Couponing!!

My sister-in-law Jennie, and my mom’s neighbor Becky have inspired me to start couponing. Go to CVS or Walgreens with your coupons one time, and you will be hooked as well!! So, here are some of my last trips that I am pretty excited about! Yes, I know I’m a dork, but finding deals are soo fun!! Plus, wouldn’t you rather spend your money on things you want rather versus things you need?? I know some of this stuff is completely random, but most of it I got for free, or even made money so. At the end of my post are a couple of websites that I follow that tell you exactly what to buy and what coupons matchup for the week, so you literally just have to print off the shopping list and go to save money!!


This what I got from my Walgreens trip.

I got all the stuff in the above picture + a lipliner and lipstick for $38.43. That’s $118 worth of merchandise and 67% savings!!

This is what I got from my CVS trip.

I spent $10.33 for $38.32 or 73% savings!!

The websites that I vist regularly are ( for my Walgreens & CVS deals) (for freebee, restaurant, and shopping deals)

Treats & Puppies!!!

The other day I bought my dogs a big bag of Dentley’s Rawhide Chew Flips. I didn’t know what flavor they would like the best so I purchased a mixed bag. I decided to do a taste test with Daisy to see what flavor she liked the best. Here are the results!

I laid the three flavors out on my table. Chicken. Peanut Butter. Beef.

And then I let her pick! She sniffed all three of the treats, and then went straight for the Beef!!

She ate the entire beef rawhide and then went back for another… The second winner is… CHICKEN!!!


Don’t worry, Peanut Butter didn’t get left behind, she just ate it last.

Puppy News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





= Puppies!!

Daisy delivered her puppies on Saturday, Sept. 18th. She had 8 furry white puppies (6 boys, 2 girls). Although they look like white rats now, they are going to be the cutest things ever in 4 weeks!

There eyes are still closed and noses are bright red!

Weekend Roping Update

Sam, David & my dad all roped this past Friday and Saturday. On Friday we went just down the street ot Horseshoe Park. Grandmother Wright came out to see Sam rope, along with 2 of her friends. Unfortunately she didn’t get to see Sam win because she only watched the first roping and Sam and my Dad won the 2nd roping.

We just got back from roping in Casa Grande, where Sam pulled off another win. He won 1st and 2nd in the regular roping, as well as 1st in the incentive!!

More Roping

On Sunday afternoon we roped before the Page Family went home. I was excited because this meant I got to use my rental lens one more time before I had to take it back!

I love the detail this lens shows, look at the slobber on the heifers chin hairs!

I really love the detail in the dirt.. 🙂