Treats & Puppies!!!

The other day I bought my dogs a big bag of Dentley’s Rawhide Chew Flips. I didn’t know what flavor they would like the best so I purchased a mixed bag. I decided to do a taste test with Daisy to see what flavor she liked the best. Here are the results!

I laid the three flavors out on my table. Chicken. Peanut Butter. Beef.

And then I let her pick! She sniffed all three of the treats, and then went straight for the Beef!!

She ate the entire beef rawhide and then went back for another… The second winner is… CHICKEN!!!


Don’t worry, Peanut Butter didn’t get left behind, she just ate it last.

Puppy News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





= Puppies!!

Daisy delivered her puppies on Saturday, Sept. 18th. She had 8 furry white puppies (6 boys, 2 girls). Although they look like white rats now, they are going to be the cutest things ever in 4 weeks!

There eyes are still closed and noses are bright red!


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