Golf Outing

FYI- Sam wrote this post 🙂

For Christmas this year my mom bought Sam and I sets of golf clubs.  They are really nice and we were able to get a good deal on them.  So to break them in we went and played 9 holes on the Navy base.  The weather was nice with a slow breeze blowing through.  Sam and I played okay for not playing in a while.

Notice the perfect set-up and amazing backswing that is ready for the perfect drive that only Tiger dreams of.  Just kidding, Sam is horrible but he tries.  We have goals to take golf lessons to improve on our game.

Sam feels brave and thinks that he is going to be able to hit a solid shot from the tee with his driver, then proven wrong every time.  He is good at his short game which is vital to being good at golf.

My mom has been learning to golf also.  I have never seen her golf before and for being a beginner she was pretty impressive.  If nothing else she definitely looks the part of a pro golfer.

She did good except this shot here.  Notice after she swung the ball is still high on the tee and there seems to be a scuff or divot in the grass about 8 inches behind ball.  Yeah not so much of a graceful miss but sure was funny.  She blamed it on being distracted from the photographer taking the pictures.  If she is going to be a pro then she needs to get used to having her picture taken.

The base is right on the Cooper River which offers some beautiful views.