Route back to AZ- Vote

Sam & I will be on our way back to AZ leaving on April 14th, accompanied by our 3 dogs (I guess that is better than the 11 we came out here with). Here are the three proposed routes. All votes will be taken into consideration :).

Route 1- All Texas… 2141.69 miles- 31 hours 12 minutes I-20 to I-10

Route 2-Oklahoma and New Mexico, NO TEXAS (Sam has never been through OK or Arkansas)

2213.63 miles, 33 hours 6 minutes. I-40

Route 3-Lots of Texas, cool bridges and water along South. (This is the way we came) I-10  2294.62 33 hours and 30 minutes

I accepted a temporary job with PetSmart as a pricing specialist. I am really excited about the opportunity! I am hoping that the position goes permanent or I find another position at SSG. Either way, I’m excited to be back with my husband!