Folly Beach Pier Fishing

Last weekend Sam and I went to the Folly Beach Fishing Pier. This is the first time we have been to the ocean since we have moved here. Honesty, we are not really ocean/beach fans but I really wanted to catch a fish off the pier, so we went.

f13, 1/100 

We rented two poles and  got some shrimp for bait.

F 5.3, 1/250 

It was really nice weather in town, but there was a cold breeze once we got onto the pier.

f5.3, 1/320

This is the end of the pier. There was only a couple of people out fishing, maybe that should have been our hint of the poor fishing conditions that were about to come.

f11, 1/50

They have these cool benches and fishing pole holders for your rod.

f11, 1/125

This seagull kept circling around us, begging for a shrimp. He didn’t get one… Sam hates birds…

7.1, 1/500

We sat out on the pier for a couple of hours and absolutely no bites, we threw in the towel. Sam hates fishing anyways, so he was excited to pack up and leave.

f5.6, 1/125

On our way in, I snapped a couple of ocean pictures.

F22, 1/25  

f9, 1/125

f11, 1/80

Hopefully next time there will be better fishing conditions, anyway the ocean and beach were pretty!