More Roping

On Sunday afternoon we roped before the Page Family went home. I was excited because this meant I got to use my rental lens one more time before I had to take it back!

I love the detail this lens shows, look at the slobber on the heifers chin hairs!

I really love the detail in the dirt.. šŸ™‚

Casa Grande Roping 9/11/10

This past Saturday my dad’s family came down to go roping with us in Casa Grande. The night turned out pretty well, with the exception of my camera not being charged… So, I only got a couple of pictures off.Ā TheĀ camera lenses thatĀ I own doesn’t allow me to take very good action shots at night. Apparently,Ā I need a lens that lets in more light and has a faster shutter speed,Ā and thenĀ I will be able to takeĀ better action pictures(mine come out all blurry and the subjects look like ghosts).Ā So, I rented this lens from the place I purchased my camera from to see ifĀ it would allow me to take the pictures IĀ have been wanting to take.Ā Ā The lens was thisĀ big bulky and HEAVY lensĀ (I looked like the paparazzi) , but was well worth it ( Even though I only got to take a handful of pictures, since I forgot to check my battery). So here are some of the pictures!

I love this picture because it totally describes a typical roping adventure with my dad’s family. David being a moron in the back seat(notice his bright white teeth, why can’t I have white teeth like that, I brush way more than he does!!), Tammy looking not too thrilled in the front, my dad taking money out from the ATM, and a small glimpse of the horse trailer going through the drive thru :).

Sam & Blackie

Steven Daniels

Papa Page

Overall, the night went very well! Sam won 1st in the regular roping and 1st in the incentive, and my dad won 2nd in the regular roping and 2nd in the incentive. Sam also won this belt buckle for high point 4 and under!