Pedicure Time:)





Why Thank You Sam!


Yeah Buddy!

We went roping at the cowboy church roping tonight and Sam won saddle #2 and a good amount if cash! Little David also won some spending money as well :)! Praise the Lord!!

The iPhone

So about 2 months ago I got a new phone due to the sound in my droid no longer working. I have avoided getting the iPhone because everyone has them and I thought people got them just because it was the cool thing to do. Anyway, my coworkers all have one and had nothing but great things to say about them, so I gave Verizon my $200 and got my new phone. Well, about 2 weeks after that, I was playing my new favorite game, Words with Friends waiting for my turn to rope. I shoved my phone in my pocket and called for my steer. When I got to the end of the arena, my phone was no longer with me… It had fallen out of my pocket and after days of search and rescue, I forked out another $200 to replace my lost iPhone through Verizon insurance…

Four days ago my phone took a nose dive outside my cat onto the asphalt… That makes 2 phones in 2 months and $400… I decided I was just going to have to give up on the iPhone, when a friend from work suggested I take it to the apple store. I took it in expecting to fork over another $200, when the apple guy told me he was going to replace it for FREE! Thank God for that, because Lord knows I don’t have an extra $200 laying around!
Anyway, last Thursday we finally found my original iPhone in the arena down by the catch pen. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly in mint condition…

So here’s a thanks to apple for being a reputable company and standing behind their products, and making me a loyal fan of the company!

Ps, the night before at the grocery store a woman left a giftcard at the checkstand with $200 on the card, and we returned it to her, I’m sure this free phone thing has everything to do with God testing us :)!