Cypress Gardens

One of the cool things about Charleston is there are so much stuff going on all the time! Last Thursday we went to a swamp right down the road called Cypress Gardens. They were having a Fright Night, and here are some pictures from it. I didn’t get to take many pictures, everyone was looking at me funny because my flash kept going off in the haunted swamp… Sam and I have visited the swamp during the daylight, and it is awesome!

Sam being creepy!! I was trying to take a simple picture and he shoved his head in the way at the last minute, which made my focus unfocused! Actually turned out to be a cool looking picture in the end.

Bob & Rick’s niece Mindy on the boat getting ready to go through the swamp. Notice the lifejacket? Yeah, I’m pretty sure we should be worried about the alligators, not drowning…

Sam, my mom and Rick all sat it a row.  Sam kept touching the back of my moms legs, making her scream!

Picture of us cruising through the swamp. They had people in the water jumping out at our boat as we were driving by! You could not pay me enough money to be in that swamp. I KNOW there are alligators in there, I have seen them before!!

After we got off the boat, we had a marshmellow roast. This reminded me of when my grandpa would take us out fishing on the lake… We would always stop on this island and roast hotdogs with sticks in the fire he started. Memories…


The trip…

Finally! Here are some pictures of our trip to South Carolina. We took the Interstate 10 through Arizona, New Mexcio, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia & finally, South Carolina. Here is the route we took. I tried to take pictures throughout the whole trip, but that’s kind of hard to do when I slept most of the way:). We(Sam & David) drove over 2200 miles, and it  took us about 2 1/2 days, but we are here now!

This is the “rig” we rode in. Daisy and her pups in the front kennel, and Diesel and Chase in the back kennel. Our car was packed with our belongings, the truck packed with us.

This is the view I had for the first day. David drove and Sam was the passenger. I slept in the back.

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Packing the House

I really dislike moving. On that note, I am SO THANKFUL for everyone who helped us 0make this move! Our family and friends(Nicki) have been AWESOME, and I seriously can not thank them enough. My dad’s family came down and helped us start packing on Wednesday, and we had our house completely empty and cleaned by Saturday. Needless to say, we have a lot of stuff!! Sam’s parents have let us put our belongings in their mini storage in Parker, which we are very greatful for! Here are some pictures…

 David & Staci packing up the pantry.


Coltan and Brayden helping me pack up our room.

If I remember correctly, Tammy unpacked this same china when we moved into our house! Sorry Tammy…Boxes, Boxes & More Boxes!!

Everytime we move, Sam breaks one piece of furniture. This time it was one of our coffee tables. Here’s our empty house! It’s looking for a nice family to live in it by the way, if you know of anyone, please let us know!

We are off to South Carolina!!

We are officially moving to South Carolina this weekend! Most of you have no idea that we were even considering it, but Arizona is not the best place to be looking for jobs right now (trust us, it’s been 6 months), and my mom’s husband Rick has found us jobs in Charleston, so we are going to take advantage of this new opportunity. The opportunity came fast (like less than a week ago), and we are excited for the new direction God is taking us.

Please pray for us.

Pray that God will continue to lead us in the right direction, or more that we will follow. Please pray for traveling mercies, and that God will comfort me and remove the sadness in my heart from leaving my Dad and his family.

This has been one of the biggest and hardest decisions we have made in our lives, but I know everything will turn out just fine.

We are working on packing our house this week, and will be putting it all in storage. Sam, our 3 dogs (and 8 puppies… joy) will be driving our truck and pulling our car over 2000 miles. Sam is so excited to drive us, as anyone who knows me knows that I love to sleep in the car. I’m sure the dogs breathing on him will make it all better!?!

Don’t worry, I will document our trip and post it on the blog when we get there. I wonder what state will be in on our Anniversary?? Hopefully at least past Texas!