Fashions of Gamecock Fans

Sweet Carolina… Everywhere you go in this State, you get a different crowd. They look different, talk different, have different hobbies, and needless to say, dress different. While at the football game in Columbia watching the Carolina Gamecocks versus the Teneessee Vols, I documented some of the fine clothing choices… Here are a few…

Yes, even Tennessee shows school pride.

This is the best! If you are in a sorority (at least I would assume all of these girls are), it must be a requirement to wear boots to the football game. Every girl brings out her dress/skirt and finds the ugliest, non matching boots they can find. Really?

Can this outfit really be comfortable at a football game?

And they are not the only ones! EVERY one of them is wearing this dress/boot outfit!

At least they look comfortable!

It gets even better as you get inside the stadium..

I’m pretty sure  T-Pain said “Boots with the Fur”… Anyway, why fur at a football game?  Can you spot anything else redneck in this picture? I’ll give you  a hint… It’s on the neck of the little boy behind fur momma.

Yeah doggie!! Twirl that fur!! Maybe that’s how her arms get so ripped.. hmm

That’s a big cock on his head!

And for the sophisticated… Who doesn’t want Cocky on their pants???

I’ll give these guys the benefit of the doubt, October is Breast Cancer awareness month, so I’m going to assume that’s why they are wearing these ridiculous outfits.

And… Just for one more look…

Last but not least, how could I forget about Joe Dirt? BTW, he is a grandpa.

I’m sure the people depicted in the pictures are all very nice people, but I just wanted to show off some of the “Culture” I am being exposed to here in the South!


More Puppy Pictures

These pictures are 2 weeks old since the dogs are now twice this size, but they are super cute so I decided to post them anyway.2 puppies went home that day with their new owners. 2 more went home later that week, leaving us with 4 more to find homes for. You want one? 🙂

Turkey Shoot

Have you ever been to a Turkey Shoot? Maybe I should ask, Have you ever heard of a turkey shoot? Well, needless to say, neither had I until we moved out here…

Here’s the deal… You purchase bird shot for $3 from the organizer. You are assigned a number, and when your number is called, you go up to shoot a target. The shooter that is the closest to the target wins a turkey. If you are at a fancy turkey shoot, you win a ham. Below is a picture of how one of the locations we went to was setup.  

Then when your number is called, you go ahead and fire at the target.

Everybody else stands back and waits for their turn…Then when everyone has had their turn, the judge compares all the targets.

This is my first shot. Needless to say, I didn’t win. Apparently there are special chokes which create a tighter pattern, giving you a better chance to get a bullet into the bullseye. The winner gets to pick their turkey or ham out of that ice chest below my turkey target.

Two funny things about the shoots 1. The first shoot we went to everyone was in camouflage. Really? I’m pretty sure the target is not going to move if it sees you. 2. This picture below is way blurry, but I needed to show you two things in it. The first is look how close to the road we are! I think we were shooting about 50 feet off of the road! OMG! The second thing I want you to notice about the bottom picture is the black car. Did someone really bring their fancy car to a turkey shoot?? 🙂 

We have since purchased a better choke for my gun (By the way, Rick won a turkey and Garrett won 2 that night. Rick has a skeet gun that shoots really well.)I’ll let you know how that turns out for us!