My Husband’s 1st Love

My husband has a serious cereal addiction. How much cereal does he eat? Let’s just say he eats a minimum of two bowls a day. And that’s not regular bowls, we are talking mixing bowls. Frequently he will eat a whole box in one day. I decided to capture him with his first love…

F4, 1/60

His bowl sits perfectly on his chest. He has a particular way he eats his cereal. The cereal closest to his chest is what he eats first. Notice how the cereal next to his finger sits higher up in the bowl? There is a purpose for this. This is how he keeps it from getting soggy too fast. Soggy cereal is one thing he hates. If you call him while he is eating cereal, he will not answer, this prevents soggy cereal.  

F4.8, 1/60

That wedding ring is the one I gave him, he holds it so close to his beloved cereal bowl.

F5, 1/60 

Trix were the choice of cereal last night. What type of cereal does he like you might ask? Well, if you are a real cereal lover like he is, you like all cereal. He doesn’t like Grape Nuts, but he does not conisder this cereal, he believes Grape Nuts are a form of cardboard.

F5.6, 1/60

Just in case you were wondering, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Chex are his favorite.


You know you are an expert cereal eater when you can eat this while bowl without spilling anything on yourself.


He’s a professional at every angle.

F5.3, 1/60

He can eat cereal and watch tv at the same time.

F5.3, 1/60


By the way, there is only one thing worse than calling him while he is eating cereal, and that is taking a bite of his cereal. Sam is willing to share almost anything with you, with the exception of his cereal.

Along with the mixing bowl requirement, a tablespoon is also required. A teaspoon just will not do the job.

Don’t worry, there is no milk wasted here. Sam polishes his cereal off  by gulping the milk up!