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LaPaz County Fair-Page Boys

It’s fair time in LaPaz County! My little brothers have been working hard this week in order to get ready for it. The fair is one of my favorite times a year, but I am still in South Carolina, so I was unable to partake¬†in all¬†the madness (and fair food). Tammy was kind enough to send me texts and pictures. Here are some of the pictures!

Coltan made some cookies with his grandma as an indoor project.

Coltan and his pig ūüôā

Big and little sleeping through it all.

Maverick and his pig.

John did a picture project for his indoor project.

Golf Outing

FYI- Sam wrote this post ūüôā

For Christmas this year my mom bought Sam and I sets of golf clubs.  They are really nice and we were able to get a good deal on them.  So to break them in we went and played 9 holes on the Navy base.  The weather was nice with a slow breeze blowing through.  Sam and I played okay for not playing in a while.

Notice the perfect set-up and amazing backswing that is ready for the perfect drive that only Tiger dreams of.  Just kidding, Sam is horrible but he tries.  We have goals to take golf lessons to improve on our game.

Sam feels brave and thinks that he is going to be able to hit a solid shot from the tee with his driver, then proven wrong every time.  He is good at his short game which is vital to being good at golf.

My mom has been learning to golf also.  I have never seen her golf before and for being a beginner she was pretty impressive.  If nothing else she definitely looks the part of a pro golfer.

She did good except this shot here.  Notice after she swung the ball is still high on the tee and there seems to be a scuff or divot in the grass about 8 inches behind ball.  Yeah not so much of a graceful miss but sure was funny.  She blamed it on being distracted from the photographer taking the pictures.  If she is going to be a pro then she needs to get used to having her picture taken.

The base is right on the Cooper River which offers some beautiful views.

My Husband’s 1st Love

My husband has a serious cereal addiction. How much cereal does he eat? Let’s just say he eats a minimum of two bowls a day. And that’s not regular bowls, we are talking mixing bowls.¬†Frequently he will eat a whole box in one day. I decided to capture him with his first love…

F4, 1/60

His bowl sits perfectly on his chest. He has a particular way he eats his cereal. The cereal closest to his chest is what he eats first. Notice how the cereal next to his finger sits higher up in the bowl? There is a purpose for this. This is how he keeps it from getting soggy too fast. Soggy cereal is one thing he hates. If you call him while he is eating cereal, he will not answer, this prevents soggy cereal.  

F4.8, 1/60

That wedding ring is the one I gave him, he holds it so close to his beloved cereal bowl.

F5, 1/60 

Trix¬†were the choice of cereal last night. What type of cereal does he like you might ask? Well, if you are a real cereal lover like he is, you like all cereal. He doesn’t like Grape Nuts, but he does not conisder this cereal, he¬†believes¬†Grape Nuts are a form of cardboard.

F5.6, 1/60

Just in case you were wondering, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Chex are his favorite.


You know you are an expert cereal eater when you can eat this while bowl without spilling anything on yourself.


He’s a professional at every angle.

F5.3, 1/60

He can eat cereal and watch tv at the same time.

F5.3, 1/60


By the way, there is only one thing worse than calling him while he is eating cereal, and that is taking a bite of his cereal. Sam is willing to share almost anything with you, with the exception of his cereal.

Along with the mixing bowl requirement, a tablespoon is also required. A teaspoon just will not do the job.

Don’t worry, there is no milk wasted here. Sam polishes his cereal¬†off¬† by gulping the milk up!

Folly Beach Pier Fishing

Last weekend Sam and I went to the Folly Beach Fishing Pier. This is the first time we have been to the ocean since we have moved here. Honesty, we are not really ocean/beach fans but I really wanted to catch a fish off the pier, so we went.

f13, 1/100 

We rented two poles and  got some shrimp for bait.

F 5.3, 1/250 

It was really nice weather in town, but there was a cold breeze once we got onto the pier.

f5.3, 1/320

This is the end of the pier. There was only a couple of people out fishing, maybe that should have been our hint of the poor fishing conditions that were about to come.

f11, 1/50

They have these cool benches and fishing pole holders for your rod.

f11, 1/125

This seagull kept circling¬†around us, begging for a shrimp. He didn’t get one… Sam hates birds…

7.1, 1/500

We sat out on the pier for a couple of hours and absolutely no bites, we threw in the towel. Sam hates fishing anyways, so he was excited to pack up and leave.

f5.6, 1/125

On our way in, I snapped a couple of ocean pictures.

F22, 1/25  

f9, 1/125

f11, 1/80

Hopefully next time there will be better fishing conditions, anyway the ocean and beach were pretty!

More Roping

On Sunday afternoon we roped before the Page Family went home. I was excited because this meant I got to use my rental lens one more time before I had to take it back!

I love the detail this lens shows, look at the slobber on the heifers chin hairs!

I really love the detail in the dirt.. ūüôā

Casa Grande Roping 9/11/10

This past Saturday my dad’s family came down to go roping with us in Casa Grande. The night turned out pretty well, with the exception of my camera not being charged… So, I only got a couple of pictures off.¬†The¬†camera lenses that¬†I own doesn’t allow me to take very good action shots at night. Apparently,¬†I need a lens that lets in more light and has a faster shutter speed,¬†and then¬†I will be able to take¬†better action pictures(mine come out all blurry and the subjects look like ghosts).¬†So, I rented this lens from the place I purchased my camera from to see if¬†it would allow me to take the pictures I¬†have been wanting to take.¬†¬†The lens was this¬†big bulky and HEAVY lens¬†(I looked like the paparazzi) , but was well worth it ( Even though I only got to take a handful of pictures, since I forgot to check my battery). So here are some of the pictures!

I love this picture because it totally describes a typical roping adventure with my dad’s family. David being a moron in the back seat(notice his bright white teeth, why can’t I have white teeth like that, I brush way more than he does!!), Tammy looking not too thrilled in the front, my dad taking money out from the ATM, and a small glimpse of the horse trailer going through the drive thru :).

Sam & Blackie

Steven Daniels

Papa Page

Overall, the night went very well! Sam won 1st in the regular roping and 1st in the incentive, and my dad won 2nd in the regular roping and 2nd in the incentive. Sam also won this belt buckle for high point 4 and under!