Bradford Pear Tree

One of my favorite parts of South Carolina in all the color in the trees. It has started to warm up around here, so everything is beginning to bloom.

This is a Bradford Peart Tree in a neighbors yard.  They remind me of big cotton balls.

They have really pretty white leaves in the spring, and are orangish in the fall.

Although it is called a pear tree, it doesn’t produce any fruit.

They are full of big bumble bees!

Its scientific name is Pyrus Calleryana.

They are originally from Korea and Japan, but were transplanted here by the USDA in 1963.

I know this post is completely random and boring, but I wanted to use all the new techniques I learned in my photography class. You like? 🙂

By the way, Sam and I are moving back to Arizona :). Sam accepted a job in Maricopa. He will be working for Bayer Crop Sciences(yes, Bayer the medicine company) as a Warehouse Manager in their cotton mill. Sam will be leaving this Friday. I will be moving back when I secure a job :).