When does a girl have too much hair product?

The other day my mom asked me if I would be willing to organize her hair and makeup stuff. Being the wonderful daughter that I am, I agreed.

I knew my mom had a lot of product, but I would have never guessed this much! My mom has always had to do her hair and makeup no matter where we were going. In fact, if you calculate how much time she spends on getting ready, she has spent years getting ready!My mom is 47, we will figure she has been doing her hair and makeup since she was about 14. She spends at least an hour every day getting ready.  Life spent getting ready Grand Total… 12045 hours, 502 days, or 1.375 YEARS!  So,  when you spend that much time getting ready, I think a lot of hair product must be necessary…

I put it in piles by function, and then made her go through it.

And… here’s the result!! So in the end, she doesn’t really have that much product that she actually uses, but I’d say still more than the average bear!


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