Don’t You Wish Your Husband Was Hot Like Mine!

I don’t mean to brag, but I sure do have one good lookin’ husband!

I have one pretty cute nephew too!

Sam has started his new job with Bayer Crop Sciences in Maricopa two weeks ago. He is the Warehouse Manager for a cotton seed operation. I don’t really know the details, I just know he is learning SAP on a daily basis, and solves a lot of transportation issues. So far all the people he works with have been great and very helpful!

 He lives in a temporary apartment in Chandler right now, and is lucky enough to have Brittany and Kaiden accompany him! Kaiden loves Sam and already knows his name. Does he know my name? Of course not, I’m not as cool as his Uncle S..AM!

We are currently looking for a rental house, the problem is, who wants renters that want a 6 month lease with 3 dogs?!?! We are looking to purchase a home, but don’t want to do so until I find what side of the valley I am going to be working on, so a short term lease is ideal for us… Hopefully we will find something soon, seeing as Sam has to be moved out of his temporary apartment in less than 2 weeks!


2 responses to “Don’t You Wish Your Husband Was Hot Like Mine!

    • What about your hot dad and brothers? Where are their pics? Come one now…don’t limit the men in your life to Sam and Kaiden! JK – Hope you find a place or a job asap!

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