Rollin’ on Dubs

Ok, so maybe not dubs since the definition of dubs according to is owning/driving a car with 20+ inch rims, preferably chrome, with optional spinners.

Unfortunately my car doesn’t fit into that category for a number of reasons.

1. I have approgimately 15 inch rims, which I didn’t even know I had (Sam is telling me every car has rims, it’s just mine are covered by hub caps because they are so ugly)

 2.I have hub caps…

3. Neither my rims or hub caps are spinners.

Anyway, the part under my hub caps were starting to rust and look ugly, so Sam talked me into being trashy and painting my rims black. I really hate black rims by the way, I know they are in style right now, but they are just not my style. Anyway, after he finished spray painting my rims, they turned out pretty good! What do you think? 🙂


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