How to Make a Diaper Cake

Last night I went to a baby shower for a girl at work. Rachel ( my coworker) and I decided to make her a diaper cake. Here is how we made it, well really Rachel made it, I just took pictures and rolled diapers up…

We first got a box of 112 diapers, name brand of course( neither of us have kids, but we were told that we should buy name brand diapers because store brands usually leak). We picked up 2 types of ribbon, I believe 6 yards. Then I dug out my moms glue gun and glue stick. Rachel took about 40 diapers and made the first layer like below.

Note to self; Use a bigger center holder than peanut butter. Crisco makes a great center piece holder for the bottom layer.

Tie string or ribbon around to hold your diapers together while you stuff the middle with rolled diapers.

Put your pretty ribbon around your layer and then take your other ribbon off.

You do the same for the next two layers and then set them on top of each other.  

Attach cute bows.

Give it a cute cake topper.

This is what you get!


One response to “How to Make a Diaper Cake

  1. Hey that is super cute! I believe it is the cutest diaper cake I’ve seen…and I’ve seen quite a few!
    Now you’ll know how to make one for my next baby! JK

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