The Pond

One of the cool things about the subdivision my mom lives in is there are two huge ponds right by her house. My mom has a john boat that I took out the other day and took some pictures. Right now there are hundreds of ducks in the pond and I really wanted to get some close ups, but the ducks feel like cooperating. To add to his, I have this internal struggle with putting my camera on auto mode, where I know I will get great pictures, and putting it on manual mode like I am supposed to for class, in order to improve my photography skills! So, after a big battle with myself, I decided against putting it on auto, instead, I got some pictures that are just ok, not great. But, I will not get better unless I practice!!


4 responses to “The Pond

  1. Keep up the good work! You are doing what you’re supposed to and once you learn how to use those settings, you won’t stop. Aperture is difficult to understand. I took a photography class at Trident Tech one semester, and I never grasped the concept,lol. I love the last one, especially!

  2. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! Makes me want to get my dSLR fixed. I wish I still had it to take nice pictures of my kids.
    When I was at NAU, I wanted to major in photography. I loved the taking pictures part, but being in the dark room SUCKED! I still don’t quite understand aperture and things like that. I’m excited that you’re getting to learn all of this cool stuff!
    I hope we can make it to see you guys some time soon!
    Love ya’ll!

  3. Heather, your pictures are beautiful. I am in no way an expert, but they look good to me. Some of those landscapes on the pond would make terrific jigsaw puzzles!!

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