Shutter Speed

The next camera function I have been studying is shutter speed. Shutter speeds are a function of time and are indicated in seconds or fractions of a second. Shutter speed is the primary control for motion. A faster shutter speed is selected when attempting to freeze or stop a moving object. Shutter speed can also be used to show an object’s motion by causing it to be blurry. You should select your shutter speed based on how fast your subject is moving and how clear you want your picture to be.

Shutter priority mode allows the photographer to select the shutter speed desired for a particular shot and the camera selects the appropriate aperture based on the cameras ISO setting and the brightness value of the scene. This selection will always have medium in tonality and will not compensate for overly bright or overly dark scenes.

High shutter speed=less time/exposure=freezes motion

Slow shutter speed=more time/exposure=blurs motion

Ever wonder how they make running water look so soft and smooth? Shutter speed!

4.8 1/320 shutter speed This picture was shot with a moderately fas shutter speed. The water looks hard and frozen.

F13, shutter speed 1/180. This picture was shot with a slower shutter speed, making the water blur.


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