Middleton Place

A couple  of weekends ago Rick, my mom and I went to Middleton Place, a plantation that is really popular here in Charleston.  The picture below is of an aerial view probably taken in the spring. It was definitely not this green in the winter, which my pictures will show. Either way, it was still really pretty and has a lot of history behind it.

When you first walk in, there is a big pond where this pretty white swan lives ( I didn’t get a picture of the swan, it was way on the other end of the pond).

The plantation has beautiful gardens that you can walk through like this one.

interesting fact #1. Apparently a lot of people in the South got rich off of rice crops. The rice patties would grown in the river right here. The Ashley river is what they call “brackish” water, because it is salt and freshwater mixed. Since the main transportation when this plantation was built was water, they had extra buildings for ment to stay in, just in case the tide went out earlier than expected. The owner of the house did not want any businessmen staying in the same house his wife did :).

This place has the coolest trees ever! Well, seeing a tree in general is a treat for me, since there are no trees in Arizona. The trees have spanish moss in them which make them look neat. But, with spanish moss comes gross bugs like chiggers and red bugs. Luckily I have not met a chigger yet.

My mom and Rick.

I love the trees! Who would have thought taking pictures of tress could be so fun!

I made my mom stand next to this tree so you could see how big it is!!

They had a stable and “mini” farm with all the types of animals that lived on the plantation when it was built. This halter belongs to one of the HUGE draft horses they have that give rides around the plantation.

We took a tour of the house, but they don’t allow pictures to be taken. So, if you want to go to see the house, you will have to come and visit me!

Interesting fact #2- Arthur Middleton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence was born on this plantation.

Interesting fact #3- The house had to be rebuilt 2 times, the 1st because someone burnt it down at the end of the Civil War, 2nd because of an earthquake.

Interesting fact #4- There is a pass that allowed slaves to cross between the NOrth and South with Abraham Lincoln’s original signature.

Interesting fact #5- There is no bathroom in the house, so there is a bowl where people went poop and pee during the night. Thank God for modern technology!

Overall, this plantation was really cool and I would highly recommend it if you are visiting Charleston!


One response to “Middleton Place

  1. Ahhh I want to get married between the butterfly lakes! When I was little I used to ride a shetland pony around the grounds. My mom’s office was right across from the stables so I made friends with the stable manager. hahah I was probably the annoying kid that wouldn’t leave her alone! Your post brought back sooo many awesome memories 🙂 I also milked my one and only cow there! Ohhh and for interesting facts there are also tons of creepy ghost stories or legends about the plantation.

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