Arizona Turkey Shoot

Turkey Shoot! We had a small turkey shoot while in Parker while home. It was $3 a round, winner take all. The target was about 30 feet away, up on a hill we used to ride quads on when we were little. I have fond memories of a quad toppling over Nick and me 🙂 (Who the heck let us go out here by ourselves!)Grandma Libby and I put up targets for each shooter, numbered on the back to prevent cheating(You have to keep an eye on that old man)…Brayden getting ready to shoot. I believe we had 4 rounds with shotguns, and  Kathy was winner of round number 4! BTW, look how skinny she is!! She’s lost over 50 pounds!Just look at that ornery grin! You know he’s up to something no good! In the end, I believe he won round 1 and round 3. Brayden TrinityThe last round Brayden was so close!David WayneSam didn’t shoot too well with the shotgun, but when my Uncle LeRoy brought out his handgun, he was all over it! FYI, if you are going  to break into our house, do it while our shotguns are out because I can’t shoot a handgun to save my life! Now the shotgun… that’s a different story. Uncle LeRoyJonathan MaverickEnd Results

Round 1 Walter

Round 2 Heather

Round 3 Walter

Round 4 Kathy

Handgun (2 rounds) Sam

Come on Page boys… Where you at??


One response to “Arizona Turkey Shoot

  1. Love it!! My mom told me the story about how all the men were trying to help her shoot and you finally looked at them and said something like, “let her shoot already guys! And btw, she’s really good!” Then she won!
    How fun! I would totally lose EVERY round. I haven’t been shooting in YEARS!!

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