What I enjoy most about South Carolina

I have really enjoyed the time that my mom and I have been spending together! We don’t do anything in particular, just hang out and it has been a blast! The weekend before I left for Arizona, we went Christmas shopping, made cookies, and wrapped gifts. Unfortunately I can’t find my cookie pictures, but I do have a couple of our gift mess.  Meet Savannah. She is one spoiled rotten dog. She loves to fetch her squirrel and has never slept outside. She doesn’t like going out back with our dogs because she doesn’t know how to act. They try to sniff her butt, and she doesn’t like it. She thinks she’s human.  

My mom always has the best decorations in her house. This picture doesn’t do justice, her Christmas tree is beautiful!

Another one of my mom’s creations. She made a Magnolia Wreath out of a Magnolia tree down the road. Again, the picture doesn’t do it justice, it is really cool looking in person.


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