Christmas Tamales

For the 2nd year in a row the Page Family has made tamales all on our own. Tammy did all the hard work (cooking the meat, mixing the masa, etc.), and the rest of us did the physical labor. Here’s the proof…(I’m sure you could look at a scale for proof as well, since I’m pretty confident I ate a dozen all by myself before I came back to South Carolina. )Starting the line. My dad and Sam spread masa onto the husks, and passed them onto me. I then put meat and a black olive inside each husk, then passed it on to Coltan and Brayden.This red chili meat is awesome! Sometimes it’s a little greasy, but not this year!Brayden wrapping up his tamales.The stack of tamales waiting to be cooked.Yum!!!At the end of the three hours, we came out with about 20 dozen tamales, which I forgot to grab before I left! So, I guess I will have to wait for Sam to come back at the end of January :(.


One response to “Christmas Tamales

  1. reason # 5434558 why I wanna have a brady bunch like your family, it makes assembly line projects fun and easy with all the little helpers! hehe.. 🙂 hope all is well heather!

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