Christmas Pictures

Christmas Pictures! Sam and I had a great Christmas this year, despite some health setbacks, we were thankful to be able to spend time with our families. These are some pictures of the Page Christmas, unfortunately I didn’t get many pictures this past week, but we did get to enjoy some card playing and Christmas breakfast with the Shontz Family, as well as a great turkey dinner with the Openshaw Family, a Turkey shoot (post to come) and of course, what would Parker be without roping(post to come)!

Coltan and Jonathan digging into the tree!Page Boys before Sam the barber got a hold of them! They are so furry in this picture!Grandma Green spoiled us again, just like EVERY Year! Coltan is always full of funny faces!Everyone needs underwear, right?3xl???? Kidding!Coltan’s gift to Sam and David. Good gift Coltan!One of the three gifts she didn’t pick out for herself. Brayden loves his David! Brayden made this reindeer craft in school, and who did he choose to give it to? Why, his precious David of course!Sam and I are thankful for all the family and friends that love us so much. We have such a large extended family, and I feel like we don’t get to spend the time we would love to spend with each of you. I wish we could be everywhere at once!

So often we tend to forget what the meaning of Christmas is about, and why we celebrate such an important holiday. I am thankful that God sent his son to die on the cross for our sins, and rose on the third day so that we could be forgiven of our sins. We are so not worthy of this precious gift! I’m thankful to have a personal relationship with him, and for all the trials he has given my family, which has only help me realize  that we should not indulge in worldly things, but work to store up treasures in heaven!

While in Parker I spent most of my time in the hospital and on the recliner trying to get better.  Between an ear infection in both ears, and my blood platelets being nonexistent,  I really didn’t get to visit/ accomplish a lot of the things I wanted to while I was home. If you don’t believe in miracles, you should really visit with me about my hospital experience. I was diagnosed with something called ITP, which has really put a focus back on God for me, which is where it needs to be. Now that I am back in South Carolina, I have some Doctor visits to hopefully get my health issues straightened out! I know this is all a part of God’s plan for me, and am thankful to be surrounded by my family!


4 responses to “Christmas Pictures

  1. Heather! I am sorry you have been so sick! I hope the doctors can get it all figured out and make you better. How is that going? Do you like living out there? I follow your blog and try to keep up on it all.
    🙂 Tipling

  2. Heather!!
    I had no idea you were so sick! Why didn’t Sam say anything when we talked? I hope you’re feeling better and that you’re seeing good Doctors! Let me know if there is anything I can do, I know I’m far away, but I’m closer than a lot of the other family!!
    PS,did you get my voicemail on your birthday of us singing to you?

  3. I really enjoyed the pictures, and I am so glad we had some time together at Christmas. I am really thankful you have a doctor who has diagnosed your health problem. I know that so many prayers have been offered and answered in your behalf. Your faith and testimony are a great example to all of us. I am so thankful you are part of our family!

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