Update… Turkey Shoot

You see that great shot? I’ll give you 3 guesses as to who it is… A. Heather B. Sam C. Garrett. Here’s the breakdown. The last round of the turkey shoot is called a money shoot. Instead of winning a turkey or ham, you win money. In this particular shoot, there was $55 up for grabs. Remember, it’s not about how many pellets hit the target, but the pellet that is the closest to the target wins. So who was the winner?

All the guys were standing around the table comparing the targets, deciding which target was the closest. After going through about fifty targets and everybody agreed which target was the best, they announced 36. I couldn’t remember my number, but the 36 sounded familiar, so I looked at Sam and he rolled his eyes at me, and said, “Oh my God, that’s you!” I told the lady that it was my card, and all the dudes in the circle kind of looked at me in shock, as one redneck yelled out, ” LEFTY ONE IT!”. Sam was not very happy about it and proceeded to not bother collecting his card, and couldn’t believe I won. My target had hardly any pellet marks in it,  unlike all of Sam’s cards, who were full of pellet marks,  I just assured him I made sure to have the one pellet count!

Just to give everybody a little taste of a Turkey Shoot, we are going to have one in Parker when we are home for Christmas. It will be Sunday, December 26th, if you want to come out and shoot, let me know!


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