Over Thanksgiving my mom, Rick, Brittany, her boyfriend, Sam and I went to Tennessee to visit with Rick’s Dad and step-mom. I didn’t take too many pictures, so here are the few I did take. It is already really cold up there, so everything looks dead, but I’ve been up here when it is green, and it is beautiful! This is the view out of Ken and Sue’s house. Now, the people of Tennessee are different than the people of South Carolina. Meet Derryl, the neighbor. He is what we will refer to as a “Hillbilly”. Need I say more. Rick, Ken, and Derryl chopped wood while Sam watched. If you have a lawn mower, you must have a trailer that goes with it. Derryl drives this on the road in front of the house. While they were out chopping wood, I was inside making jam. I made some gooseberry and blueberry jam, which by the was is delish!On Saturday, we went to Knoxville for the Tennessee vs Kentucky game. The Tennessee campus is beautiful, it reminds me a lot of UofA, in that it’s all made of red brick. The most impressive part is all the fans that come out to cheer on their team. Before the game, they have what’s called a Vol walk, where all the football players walk through the fans, followed by the band. Here are some of the actual football pictures. I would love to be able to take pictures on the field!! Someday… One of my favorites!My second favorite part of the event, SMOKEY!! This dog runs the show!!


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