Georgia Aquarium

A Couple of weeks ago Sam and I went up to see the Sawyers Family in Atlanta. We went to the Georgia Aquarium, and here are some of the pictures. Kevin, Issac, and Maylee waiting for Uncle Sam to finish picking up our tickets. Max pretty much slept the whole time, I wish I could nap wherever I wanted!

There were sooo many fish!! The aquarium was way cool, and I would highly recommend visiting it if you are ever in the Atlanta area. Jennie, Maylee and Isaac in front of a huge viewing window. One of the best parts of the aquarium was a huge tunnel that you walked through as the fish swam all around you. There were so may cool fish in this huge tank!That’s one big stingray!

We also watched a 3D movie…Kevin and Max. Yeah we got Max that cute outfit… no big deal…Touching the stingrays and sharks. Isaac says this is his favorite part.There were a lot of fun little hidaways for kids. Maylee and Isaac found one. Maylee pooped out at the end on her Uncle Sam.The Aquarium was super fun, hopefully we can get back to Atlanta soon!


2 responses to “Georgia Aquarium

  1. Those are such fun pictures, but where are the ones with you guys and my kids? We had so much fun with ya’ll. If you ever want to come visit while Sam is in Arizona, you’re always welcome here!

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