The trip…

Finally! Here are some pictures of our trip to South Carolina. We took the Interstate 10 through Arizona, New Mexcio, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia & finally, South Carolina. Here is the route we took. I tried to take pictures throughout the whole trip, but that’s kind of hard to do when I slept most of the way:). We(Sam & David) drove over 2200 miles, and it  took us about 2 1/2 days, but we are here now!

This is the “rig” we rode in. Daisy and her pups in the front kennel, and Diesel and Chase in the back kennel. Our car was packed with our belongings, the truck packed with us.

This is the view I had for the first day. David drove and Sam was the passenger. I slept in the back.

Quit texting David…

Chase didn’t exactly like sharing a kennel with Diesel, but he did live…

Leaving beautiful Arizona

Welcome to Texas!

Here is Mexico, across from El Paso.

Are we there yet?

Texas… One whole day spent in Texas…

We stayed the night in San Antonio. Well, we stayed like 4 hours in San Antonio. Here’s a 5am picture.

Finally!! Out of Texas! Louisiana was by far the coolest state we drove through. Probably because 90% of it was driving over the “Bayou” aka SWAMP!

This was the view looking out our windows.

The other cool thing about this state was all of the bridges we had to go over. Talk about a steep climb! BTW, not very good for gas mileage!

More bridges! This went on for miles and miles!

More water!

And more water!

New Orleans

For Staci- The Superdome

A HUGE toll Bridge in New Orleans.

Hornets stadium

Yeah, and some more water

I was sleeping through Mississippi and David was supposed to take the picture, but he didn’t.  My last picture of the trip was of this Alabama sign. We went through Alabama when it was dark, so I didn’t get to take any pictures.
We stayed the night in Atlanta, with Jennie and her family, you can see the pictures here

After breakfast at McDonald’s we went the rest of the way through Atlanta, and FINALLY South Carolina!!


2 responses to “The trip…

  1. I LOVE IT!! Those pictures totally remind me of my first trip back east with my little red pickup packed with my entire life. Mom and I traveled over those same bridges and saw the same sites you guys did! Only we went on to Jacksonville and you came North to see us! We loved having you guys here and my kids kept asking were Sam and Heather went.
    We hope we get to see ya’ll soon! Hope your job is going well and that you’re not too stressed out. Has Sam found a place to work yet?

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