Packing the House

I really dislike moving. On that note, I am SO THANKFUL for everyone who helped us 0make this move! Our family and friends(Nicki) have been AWESOME, and I seriously can not thank them enough. My dad’s family came down and helped us start packing on Wednesday, and we had our house completely empty and cleaned by Saturday. Needless to say, we have a lot of stuff!! Sam’s parents have let us put our belongings in their mini storage in Parker, which we are very greatful for! Here are some pictures…

 David & Staci packing up the pantry.


Coltan and Brayden helping me pack up our room.

If I remember correctly, Tammy unpacked this same china when we moved into our house! Sorry Tammy…Boxes, Boxes & More Boxes!!

Everytime we move, Sam breaks one piece of furniture. This time it was one of our coffee tables. Here’s our empty house! It’s looking for a nice family to live in it by the way, if you know of anyone, please let us know!


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