We are off to South Carolina!!

We are officially moving to South Carolina this weekend! Most of you have no idea that we were even considering it, but Arizona is not the best place to be looking for jobs right now (trust us, it’s been 6 months), and my mom’s husband Rick has found us jobs in Charleston, so we are going to take advantage of this new opportunity. The opportunity came fast (like less than a week ago), and we are excited for the new direction God is taking us.

Please pray for us.

Pray that God will continue to lead us in the right direction, or more that we will follow. Please pray for traveling mercies, and that God will comfort me and remove the sadness in my heart from leaving my Dad and his family.

This has been one of the biggest and hardest decisions we have made in our lives, but I know everything will turn out just fine.

We are working on packing our house this week, and will be putting it all in storage. Sam, our 3 dogs (and 8 puppies… joy) will be driving our truck and pulling our car over 2000 miles. Sam is so excited to drive us, as anyone who knows me knows that I love to sleep in the car. I’m sure the dogs breathing on him will make it all better!?!

Don’t worry, I will document our trip and post it on the blog when we get there. I wonder what state will be in on our Anniversary?? Hopefully at least past Texas!


3 responses to “We are off to South Carolina!!

  1. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I am excited for ya’ll (you’ll start saying that soon!) if this is what’s best for your family! Now we’re only 5 hours away! Maybe we can see each other more than once a year!
    Good luck on the drive…it’s a beautiful one!

  2. WOW!! What a big change and so fast too! I’m sad that we only got together that one time…maybe we can do it again when you come for a visit. We will definitely pray for safe travels and happiness in your new home. Good luck and big hugs from us!!

  3. I am impressed you found time to blog with everything y’all have to do. Heather and Sam, Dave and I always pray for you. We will do even more now. I know the Lord will bless you in this endeavor because you always strive to do what is right. I am so thankful to have both of you in our family. I love you!

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